Every project is for us the beginning of a long lasting and fruitful relationship that does not end with the  
completion of the project.

Whether the request is for the startup of a new plant, modifications/additions/optimization of an existing one, or  
troubleshooting, our professional engineering services can assist.

All the below steps follow the highest safety measures and restrictions in accordance with the local and  
international safety rules and regulations.

Prior to any commissioning, our experienced team checks on-site readiness, along with machines and  
instrumentation verification. The machinery is tested both individually and as a whole system.

Cold run tests are performed followed by full load running. System tweaking aims at stabilizing and optimizing  
the plant, ensuring the plant runs according to the design specifications and complying with local and  
international standards, thus maintaining the highest plant efficiency.

Handover & Site Acceptance Test
On-site commissioning is finalized with a complete handover of the system to the plant operators and  
managers. To guarantee sustainability the handover includes process and technical training, followed by a  
complete Site Acceptance Test for both, operation and qualification. These Site Acceptance Tests are carried  
out to ensure that the system will be tested according to an agreed upon list of test plans and specifications  
showing that the system is properly installed and interfaces with other systems and peripherals.

All gathered documentation, generated as-built drawings, and optimized parameters are handed to the plant  
personnel at the end of the project. A copy of the delivered data is safely stored within our archiving database;  
enabling us to retrieve original data at any stage and provide a smooth and efficient recovery of the system  
would an unlikely failure occur.

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