Abu Hijleh Engineering Service Department offers a wide variety of solutions related to Automation.  A team of  
experienced electrical engineers and process engineers develop the optimum solution for each customer;  
depending on the process and degree of required automation. Our Team generates complete wiring diagrams  
that include cabinet layout, instrumentation selection and material lists based on the flow sheet of our  
customers’ plants.

PLC programs are designed to achieve functionality and ease of use of the system, as well as the safety of both  
the machinery and the personnel. The PLC programs include all the required interlocks to facilitate maintenance  
of the system, yet, providing a one-click automatic running of the system for novice operators.

The acquired practical experience has led to constant optimization of our process engineering know-how and  
the automation technology adopted by our systems. This enables us to offer our customers a maximum degree  
of user-friendliness, smooth production and reliability in operation.

Wiring and cabinet design
The control cabinet is an all-important component in ensuring efficient, safe, low maintenance and reliable  
production. All the switching, safety and operating elements must be geared to suit the production process and  
the ambient conditions at production site.

PLC programming
Various automation systems present on the market can be used for process control. All our programs are  
structured and documented allowing simpler handover and shorter modification delays -if required - in the future.
Using thoroughly tested and approved modules enables us to still provide in short delays a fully functional  
program ensuring a safe and stable environment at the plant.

HMI visualization
Along with the PLC program, we provide HMI visualization based on the system flowsheet. This latter forms the  
basis for representation of the process, and is formatted, animated and supplied with the requisite process  

In addition to the graphical user interface used for controlling the system - various functionalities may be added  
for better administration of the plant, such as data logging, trends, recipes, amongst others.

Industrial networking
Whether the communication required is between various separate systems or between components within a  
single system, we provide the design for the network that holds the communication in a way to be functional,  
reliable, and cost effective.

In addition, it is possible to set up a secured connection between a remote premise and your production system  
regardless of the connection type present at these various sites.

This solution facilitates remote assistance, remote troubleshooting, training, or even implementing additions or  
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