Hosokawa Alpine supplies complete granulator systems for thermoplastic size reduction solutions and  
special know-how for in-house recycling of plastic films such as BOPP, BOPET and BOPA, as well as  
recycling plants for rubber and cable scrap.

The robust machine design permits application for any kind of cut-table material, especially for those  
materials which require high cutting power, or for when high feed-piece weights or high throughput rates are  
to be mastered.

Granulators and shredders are often used within a production process for recycling rejects and/or many  
industrial wastes. Another common application for these machines is the comminution of preliminary  
products to the size suitable for the downstream process.

Granulators and shredders are employed in various industries; thus the range of machine sizes and designs  
is correspondingly wide: from the machine for recycling tasks to the granulator in stainless steel for the  
processing of foodstuffs or for the chemicals industry.

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