For almost 110 years, Hosokawa Alpine has been a world leader in providing complete installations for the  
processing of mineral raw material to fine powders. Hosokawa Alpine is globally renowned for its  
manufactured ball mills and mineral grinding systems.

Today, the filler industry market is larger and has grown fiercely competitive. Minerals fillers, such as  
limestone, dolomite, talcum, chalk or barite - amongst others - that were considered ultrafine a few years  
ago are now standard products. Thus, the industry’s requirements have changed to fine fillers with a sharp  
top cut at low costs or custom-made particle size distribution.  Selecting an optimum system relies on the  
consideration of the different product properties e.g. the laminar structure of talc, the micro-crystalline  
structure of chalk…etc, in which Hosokawa Alpine proposes a wide expertise.

Hosokawa Alpine offers its customers complete processing systems or standalone machines; various  
machines are available to fulfill the customer’s needs at any stage in the processing line such as crushing,  
cooling, drying, dry/wet grinding, micronisation, air classification, wet classification, storage, packing,  
control unit, coating, calcinating, granulation, or compaction.

Classic processes:

Dry processing:
These techniques include ultrafine grinding, air classification and stearic acid treatment of mineral powders.

For each of these techniques, Hosokawa Alpine offers various sizes and types of ball mills, table roller mills,  
jet mills, classifier mills, impact mills, agitated ball mills and air classifiers for the production of a wide range  
of particle fineness.

Wet processing:
By using agitated ball mills and wet classifiers, this technology permits the production of finished goods  
right down to the sub micron range.

Other areas of expertise:

Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC)
This product is obtained by means of a chemical precipitation process. Hosokawa Alpine offers both the  
systems and the complete know-how for turnkey plants for the production of different types of PCC.

Ceramic Industry
Various mineral powders such as Quartz, Feldspar, silica flour and Zircon which are the main components  
of the ceramic industry are produced sing a conventional ball mill and a classifier.

This mineral is very prone to containing a certain percentage of abrasive contaminants; Hosokawa Alpine  
offers using a roller mill for the grinding stage.

Magnetic materials
Hosokawa Alpine’s systems are widely spread for the processing of these materials, based on rare earth  

Other key grinding and classifying applications for the minerals industry are: Silica, Zircon sand, Kaolin,  
Clay, Bentonite, Aluminum Oxide, and much more.

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