Hosokawa Alpine has achieved a position as one of the world's leading powder processing equipment  
supplier and provides the chemical industry with some of the more reliable and accurate processing  
equipment. With thousands of installations around the world, Hosokawa Group has the expertise to fulfill  
and solve any processing need. The systems offered by Hosokawa Alpine for the chemical industry are  
mainly used to process base chemicals in powder form.

We, as AHE along with  Hosokawa Alpine offer equipment, system design and engineering for size  
reduction, separation, air classification, mixing and blending, drying, filling, conveying, product collection,  
feeding, and weighing to high containment applications. One of the core production systems provided by  
Hosokawa Alpine, in the chemical industry, is Dry Toner Turnkey System, which includes all process steps:  
from preliminary mixing, extrusion, cooling, crushing, fine grinding, classification, to additives and safety  

The comprehensive know-how includes the engineering of complete systems.

Common applications for the above-mentioned systems in the Chemical industry are:
Fine-grade chemicals, Fertilizers, pesticides, dyes, paints, pigments, plastics, toner, flame protection  
agents, abrasives  and general chemicals such as solid acids, salts, , waxes, resins, carbon black,  plastic  
powders, stearates, sulphates, silicates and phosphates, etc.

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